JANUARY 6: The Three Wise Men Day
 Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake}
 Rosca de Reyes {Kind-of-King Cake} Part 2

FEBRUARY 14: Valentine’s Day
 Loaded Double Baked Potatoes
 No-Bake Red Fruits Cheesecake
 Rib Eye Steak for Valentine’s Day

SEPTEMBER 16: Mexico’s Independence Day

 Chiles en Nogada
 Chiles en Nogada 2

OCTOBER 31: Halloween

 Bloody Fingers {Cocktail Sausages}
 Ghostly Cupcakes
 Halloween Brownie
 Halloween Cake Balls
 Halloween Cushions
 Halloween Paper Mice
 Halloween Party 2011
 Halloween Party 2012
 Halloween Tortilla Chips with Guacamole
 Jalapeño Dip
 Rat Tail Soup {Spaguetti with Sauce}
 Spooky & Bloody Brownies
 Snow White’s Poisoned Apples {Candy}
 Wicked Witch of the East Legs
 Zombie Eyes {Hard-boiled Eggs}

NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving

 Pumpkin Cheesecake

DECEMBER 24: Christmas

 Candy Cane Dust
 Candy Cane Dust Cake
 Christmas Red Velvet Cupcakes
 Little Flowers Stocking
 Merry Christmas
 Our Nativity Set
 Natural Christmas Potpourri
 Santa’s Belly Cushion
 Xmas Decoration
Xmas Pasta {Oven-Dried Tomatoes Penne} Xmas Pasta {Oven-Dried Tomatoes Penne}

DECEMBER 31: New Year’s Eve

 Happy New Year!
 New Year’s Eve Lasagna


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