Halloween Cushions


First I cutted two ovals for the pumpkin face in orange felt.

Then I cutted two big triangles for the eyes, one small triangle for the nose and a mouth with tooth. I placed them with pins so they would not move while I was sewing.

Then I cutted the little green stem and filled it with filling.

I sewed first this green part to the back part of each pumkin side.

Then started sewing from the inside and left one part open. Turn it inside out and filled it. Then sewed the final part.

Candy Corn
First I cutted the three  parts for the front side. Smaller in white, middle one in orange and bottom one (larger one) in yellow. I did the same for the back side.

You can see how they look in my living room? there will be updates for this post and more cushions… maybe in a second part… who knows?
Here you can see my orange table, Wicked Witch of the East, paper flowers arrangement and the Halloween Cushions.

About Gaby Godoy de Porras

I'm a 27 years old housewife that loves to cook and try new recipes, as well as decor our home. I love to do makeovers to old furniture I get (my hubby loves it too!) and I get so excited when my ideas come true! I love to see other people's ideas come true too. I'm a total DIYer (I made almost every detail in my wedding).
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